Get an Evaluation Done

Y-EB5 Evaluation

  • In order to increase your chances of success, Y-Axis has its evaluation process and advises you with the best option.
  • You will be required to fill in a detailed form and the same is evaluated by a Y-Axis Consultant.
  • The form is sent over to the Regional Center in the USA for their review.
  • Once you have a positive report, you are eligible to begin your processing for the EB5 visa.
  • If your report is negative, Y-Axis will advise you on what steps can be taken to improve your chances of success.
  • The technical evaluation will help you in understanding your positive chances for applying for a visa under EB5 Investor category.
  • Evaluation will be with respect to the individual criteria of the selected EB5 Investor Visa.
  • If you meet the criteria, Y-Axis will accept your application for the processing of the visa.
  • Cost of Evaluation: Rs.5000 only.
  • Refund Policy: Non Refundable
  • Process time: 5 working days

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